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At Albany, we are committed to positively impacting the environment by continuing to introduce innovative products that help our customers improve their environmental footprint and the sustainability of their products and processes, while also advancing our focus around our own global operations’ impact.

1. Our Products’ Environmental Attributes

We have long leveraged our innovation leadership to provide products and solutions that help our customers reduce waste, improve efficiency, and minimize their carbon footprint.

Our advanced engineered composites help make aircraft, and the engines that power them, lighter and more fuel efficient, helping reduce the carbon footprint of global aviation.

Our paper machine clothing solutions enable our customers to reduce energy consumption, improve resource efficiency, and help maintain and improve water quality.

We remain committed to introduce new and innovative solutions to help our customers continue improving their efficiencies and help the planet for decades to come.

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2.Our Operations’ Environmental Footprint

Albany’s focus on Operational Excellence – which is embedded in our DNA - has helped to reduce waste and improve efficiencies across our own operations. The nature of our operations mean that our facilities do not produce significant levels of hazardous waste. Building on these embedded advantages in how we operate, we are taking the next step to add a layer of inward focus harmonizing our environmental data collection around the globe and advancing our efforts to establish long-term goals to manage the environmental impact of our operations.

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