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Paper machine clothing (PMC) is a consumable fabric that is used in the papermaking process. These fabrics are technically sophisticated, custom-designed engineered belts manufactured from monofilament and synthetic fiber materials. They literally clothe the rollers of paper machine, thus the term, paper machine clothing. Because the concept of PMC and its use in the papermaking process can be difficult to understand and envision, we have provided a detailed, illustrated explanation at Paper Machine Clothing.
Where is Albany International stock traded? What is the stock symbol and CUSIP number of Albany International Class A Common Stock?
Albany International Class A Common Stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The stock or ticker symbol for Albany International Class A Common Stock is AIN and the CUSIP number is 012348-10-8.
How many shares of common stock does Albany International have outstanding?

As of August 10, 2021, there were 32,379,523 shares of Class A Common Stock and 1,154 shares of Class B Common Stock outstanding.

What is the difference between the Company's Class A and Class B Common Stock?
Albany International Class A Common Stock is publicly traded on the New York and Pacific Exchanges and has one vote per share. The Class B Common Stock is not publicly traded and has ten votes per share.
Who is Albany International's transfer agent and how does a registered stockholder contact the agent for information?

P.O. Box 30170
College Station, TX 77842
United States

By Overnight Delivery
211  Quality Circle, Suite 210
College Station, TX 77845
United States

Telephone (toll-free): 1-877-277-9931


Does Albany International pay a dividend?

Other than the period from August 1983 to September 1987 when it was a private company, Albany International paid dividends each year from 1926 to 1998 in cash and from late 1998 to 2000 in stock.

On January 12, 2000, the Company distributed its final stock dividend, a 2.0% annual stock dividend which had a record date of December 10, 1999. Holders of Class A Common Stock received Class A shares and holders of Class B Common Stock received Class B shares. Shareholders received one share of stock for each 50 shares they owned. Cash was paid in lieu of fractional shares, based on the closing price of $15.4375 per share on December 10, 1999.

On November 16, 2000, the Board announced that it was discontinuing the distribution of stock dividends. The distribution of stock dividends had resulted in an unproductive effort and expense for both the Company and the shareholders.

On November 7, 2001, the Board of Directors of Albany International reinstated a cash dividend. Dividend declarations will be considered on a quarter-to-quarter basis by the Board.

Does Albany International have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan?

Yes; the Company has a plan with attractive features including cash contribution, which enables the shareholder to purchase additional shares of Albany International Class A Common Stock without payment fees or commissions. Only registered shareholders owning at least one share of Albany International Class A Common Stock can participate in the Plan.

To review the Plan Summary and enrollment information, contact Computershare at 877-277-9931, or click here. Using the Plan Search option, input Albany International or Ticker Symbol AIN.

Does Albany International have a Direct Stock Purchase Program?
No, we do not offer a plan that allows for an investor to buy the first share of stock directly from the company. However, after owning at least one share registered in the name of the shareholder, additional purchases of Class A Common Stock may be made through the Dividend Reinvestment Plan without payment of fees or commissions.
Can I sell my stock back to the Company?
Although the Company has from time to time in the past purchased shares of its stock in the open market, it does not have a program that requires it to purchase shares from you.
What is Albany International’s fiscal year?
Albany International uses the calendar year as the fiscal year.
How can I have financial documents mailed to me?

You can have printed financial materials mailed to you by filling out the request form at Printed Materials Request. You can also call our Investor Relations Department at 603-330-5897.

When was Albany International incorporated?
Albany International Corp. was originally incorporated in the State of New York on March 8, 1895, as Albany Felt Co. The Company adopted the name Albany International Corp. in 1969. On August 31, 1987, the Company was reincorporated in the State of Delaware.
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