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At Albany, our diverse people truly are our greatest competitive advantage, which is why we are unwavering in our commitment to nurture a thriving people-first, high-engagement and inclusive workplace culture defined by respect.

Being respectful of our people means prioritizing their safety, valuing their diverse thoughts, experience and backgrounds, celebrating and encouraging accountability, and providing meaningful and relevant opportunities for growth and development at all levels of the organization.

Being respectful of our people also means recognizing that our local teams have unique needs and priorities.

We are focused on several Social topics, including:

1. Employee Health & Safety
At Albany, we live by our value that Safety is our top priority. From the Board room to the shop floor to the field, we believe that no business objective is worth an injury and accidents are preventable.

Our progress:

  • We have systematically and continuously reduced our Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) by 77% since 2010 to 0.84 in 2020.
  • We have had no fatalities in that time.

Learn more about our approach to Employee Health & Safety

2. Employee Relations
At Albany, we treat each other with kindness and respect. We foster an environment in which people are valued and can fully unleash their potential, enjoy their career and live the greatest employee experience. We believe in the power of open and transparent communication throughout the organization and endeavor to ensure our employees’ voices are heard.

Learn more about our approach to Employee Relations

3. Employee Engagement, Training & Development
We make employee engagement a daily activity. Our commitment to enhancing the employee experience includes perpetual learning & development to support employees as they replenish their knowledge, unleash their full potential and reach their career aspirations.

Learn more about our approach to Employee Engagement, Training & Development

4. Workforce Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
At Albany, we strive to nurture an inclusive and equitable culture where diversity of experience, background and skills are valued, respected, and celebrated.

We have several key initiatives in action to embed DE&I in our culture, including:

  • Albany DE&I Council
  • DE&I Training
  • Diverse Hiring Strategies
  • Empowering Women Leaders Network
  • 24% of our global workforce are women

Learn more about our approach to Workforce Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

5. Community Support
At Albany, we support our teammates and our communities. With our global footprint, we understand our local teams are in the best position to recognize the most effective methods to strengthen their communities and, in turn, create an attractive and fulfilling environment in which they live and work.

Learn more about our Community Support efforts

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